Services of VCT

Diagnostic Services

X-ray and Ultrasound (USG) services are available under the Radiology Department for 24 hours. MRI and CT scan services are also available to police personnel, Ex-Police and Police Families.

Treatment to the Public

At the time of natural calamities and diasaster and national festivals like Mahasivaratri, Teej, Janai Purnima, Nepal Police Hospital has been providing Medical services with Medical Team, Ambulance services since its establishment period. Not only that, but also at the time of Nepal Banda and strike Polic Hospital has been providing Emergency services to the public and Ambulance services for referral patient.


To make National strategy to eradicate the different kinds of disease from children in Nepal successful, Nepal Police Hospital has been providing immunization services since 1986 A.D. every Monday of the week. Such Immuzation covers the DPT, Polio, BCG, Measles, T.T. and Hepatitis B as well. This program conducts under the national program and serves to the children of police and civil person. 

DOTS (Direct Observe Treatment Short Course)
DOTS is a program run under the National Tuberculosis Centre and has been conducting in different districts of Nepal. 'Have the medicine with right way, right time against TB' is the main theme of DOTS, which provides medicine with supervision of medical person. This service has been conducting since March 17, 2000 AD. to the police personnel along with civil. No extra budget has provided for this program from Government of Nepal.

Ambulance Services
Ambulance Service is available for those who are disabled and serious patients to provide emergency services as soon as possible. Police Hospital has been providing such services   free of cost for all.

Family Planning Program
Police Hospital has been providing family health services free of cost including family planning means and method like condom, Copper T, Depoprovera, Pill etc. Ministry of Health, Department of Health Services, family Health service Division is supporting this program.

VCT Centre (Volunteer Counselling and testing Centre)
VCT Centre has been providing its Service to all the police personnel and public free of cost to prevent from HIV/AIDS.