WHO can get the health facilities!
  • Police personnel.
  • Dependent of police personnel (Father,mother,son,daughter, husband and wife)
  • Ex-police (husband/wife).
  • Civilians in case of emergency condition.
  • Persons who are under police custody.
  • Persons who are under police investigation interm of drug trafficking and others.
  • Civilians at the time of natural calamities and disaster.
Facilities to the inpatient
  •  Management of bed and clothes during the hospital stay.
  •  24 hours service provided by doctor and Nusres.
  •  Guest house for patient visitors.
  •  Free meals.
  •  All investigations available in the hospital.
  •  Ambulance service to and from the referal patient.

Facilities to the Ex-police and police families
> Free cost of medicine service within the limitation of hospital resources.
> Treatment facilities available in the hospital.
> Free meal.
> Guest house for patient visitors.
> Nominal cost for investigations available in the hospital.
> 24 hours doctor and nurses service to the inpatient.

Service not rendered by police hospital to Ex-police and police families
> Non available medicine in the hospital should be managed by themselves.
> Items required for surgical intervention.
> Investigations not available in the hospital.
> Outside hospital cost.